May 28, 2022

Insert Coin Announces Brand New Clothing Range

What a great choice of (bio)wares

Insert Coin Clothing is back with another brand-new, exclusive line-up of clothes, only available from

This week’s collection follows Insert Coin’s dedication to high-quality products and exquisite designs.

So, what is on offer this week then? Why it’s none other than a double-helping of Mass Effect clothing items!

More fun than playing Andromeda, that’s for sure. Check out these exclusive items;

This collection brings the following items to the Insert Coin storefront;

  • Blue hoodie with Garrus iconography
  • Black Normandy hoodie with red stripe and the N7 logo
  • Black Normandy long-sleeve tee with red stripe and the N7 logo
  • And a black Normandy tee with red stripe and the N7 logo – to be honest, these three are basically the same style, but in different types of gear

As usual, these items will be available exclusively via The line-up goes live from 12 pm UK time on the 15th of October.

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