May 19, 2022

Infinity Ward Cracking Down on Cheaters

It’s not very often that gamers can point to a game and say for 100% certain that people have been using cheats. It’s one of those things that is often highly suspected but rarely confirmed. In this age of internet based gaming it can be hard to find workarounds for game’s servers.

Some people will still find a way however, such is the case with Twitch streamer TwistedBear who was apparently unaware that all of his viewers could see his blatant wallhacks live on his stream.

Wallhacks being used in Modern Warfare

Cheating has become somewhat of an issue in Modern Warfare and in Warzone, the battle royale component of the latest Call of Duty release. Despite Activision’s and Infinity Ward’s best efforts to stop hackers, the cheats find new ways to bypass the protections.

So what does this mean for TwistedBear?

For this streamer though, it seems as if this was taking place on their main account. As the clip shows, he can see enemy players’ exoskeletons through walls, anywhere on the map, even on a player way back in their spawn.

This clip quickly went viral, doing the rounds on social media and Reddit, so it wasn’t long before it came across Twitch’s attention. Unsurprisingly, TwistedBear’s channel is no longer available.

Presumably, Infinity Ward will also be issuing a ban to TwistedBear’s Modern Warfare account, which should stop him ever ruining matches by cheating again.

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