Indie VR game Experiment Gone Rogue announces early access release date

Indie VR game Experiment Gone Rogue announces early access release date

Repulse Game Studio announces release date of their first indie virtual reality game – Experiment Gone Rogue. The sci-fi action shooter is set to release on November 21 on Steam Early Access. Repulse will be releasing the game with some mature scenes under Steam’s new mature content policy.

Experiment Gone Rogue is set in dystopian Earth, where an alien civilization, called the Cirinians, has asserted itself over humanity. They perform various experiments on humans with a purpose to create a super soldier under their control. However, something goes wrong with one of those test subjects, and that is where the player comes in. They are that experiment that has “gone rogue” in the Cirinian facility, destroying everything on its way.

The game consists of about 2 and a half hours of gameplay with key features like:

  • Smooth locomotion and teleportation system.

  • Dynamic gunplay: use real-life movements to take cover or dodge bullets

  • Physics based punching that transfers your punch velocity into the game.

  • Various weapons with hidden upgraded versions

  • Extra prizes won via minigames

  • Multiple Boss fights

  • A virtual Go-Go bar

  • Storyline that you piece together

Experiment Gone Rogue will be available on Steam Early Access on November 21. It will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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