Indie Spotlight – HoverGrease: Meet The Mutants

Indie Spotlight – HoverGrease: Meet The Mutants

This months Indie Spotlight is the absolutely amazing HoverGrease. We will be bombarding you for the rest of September with a barrage of HoverGrease content including a live-stream with the some of the games development team on the 21st September.

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One of the best things about this game is its insane characters, all with their own skills and hilarious personalities. So, here is a look at the line up of HoverGrease’s eclectic heroes.

Kimmy Frog


As a lifestyle influencer, and one of the most famous heroes in the HoverGrease Tournament, Kimmy’s arsenal revolves around deadly rockets and explosives.

Madeye Bull


MMA fighter, he is a deadly force once he gets close to an enemy. Madeye doesn’t need any weapons, just his fists and some boosters. He is fast… very fast.

Johnny Cockhead


Strong yet dazzling and focused on protecting the team, Johnny is a preacher’s son who spent most of his life working as a hard-boiled detective. You sure want him on your side!

Foxy Bonbon


With extensive sniper training and high-precision rifles savvy, Foxy’s background is a bit of an unknown. Don’t be outfoxed though, she is surely the badass of the squad.

Labrat Perry


The true heir of Big Corp Inc., Perry is the pioneer of Genome Entanglement and the public image of his father’s company. But most importantly, he is an expert at dad-jokes and saving your ass on the field.

Piggy D.


The youngest anthro boy, Piggy is a neo freerunning whiz. His quick reflexes and enhanced speed make him a deadly enemy in close combat, so make sure you keep your distance.

Sophie Bunfire


Flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, napalm grenade launcher, traps and mines… she really loves to play with fire. The pyromaniac of the group.


Only the first 7 heroes have been announced. The next 3 heroes will be revealed soon.

So, that’s the line up of heroes available right now in the Playable Demo right now, so go give it a try! Don’t forget you can also support the development of HoverGrease by backing the Kickstarter campaign before it ends on the 2nd of October.

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