Indie Spotlight – December 2020: Moo Lander

Indie Spotlight – December 2020: Moo Lander

For December’s Indie Spotlight we “Probe” into Moo Lander, an “Udder-ly” epic 2D platform adventure from developers The Sixth Hammer.

Milk is the purest, most effective resource in the Universe. After an ancient conflict that kills of all the cows, you are sent on a dangerous and epic journey to retrieve a mythical device that is said to generate infinite amounts of the precious milk. Your destiny is clear – you are the only hope for your kind’s salvation! The Landers are counting on your success…


  • Tame the Mighty Cows – Each one of those powerful bosses will pose a considerable threat and is a challenge worth remembering!
  • Upgrade your ship – Unlock a set of over 6 unique abilities and meaningful upgrades branching into two separate trees!
  • Fight a variety of enemies – Over 20 kinds of intelligent enemies are waiting for you to prevent you from fulfilling your goal. Each of them requires a different approach to deal with!
  • Engaging single-player campaign – Play through over 5-hour long emotional campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists!
  • Multiplayer – Experience the game with your friends in 4 player couch co-op!
  • 5 unique terrains – Discover beautiful hand-crafted, yet lethal landscapes.
  • Challenge yourself – Save your kind on one of 3 difficulty levels (with a little extra for all of you hardcore Milk Drinkers)
  • Interactive environment – Explore and interact with objects around you using your abilities in an unusual way!


With battles being so hilariously epic, the devs just had to bring multiplayer to the table. You can expect four couch-multiplayer modes (two of them are already available in the demo): Fight The Cow – Players can fight for dominion with up to 2 Landers and 2 Cows; Two Landers VS AI Cow – Up to 2 players can try and defeat the near unbeatable mighty AI cow; Chase the cow – 1 VS 1 challenge in which the fastest one wins; Survive the waves – A co-op adventure for up to 2 Landers and 2 cows.

Moo Lander is still in development and is shaping up to be a really fun game. The game is pegged for release currently for Q1 2021 but the free demo of Moo Lander is currently available on Steam for you to try right now. You can also check out more of the game on the Official Moo Lander Website or hit the devs up on Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to keep an eye on ABG for more Moo Lander over the remainder of December, including previews, developer streams and interviews with the team at The Sixth Hammer.

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