July 3, 2022

Indie Game Preview: SKELATTACK

Skelattack by Ukuza Games is a unique little dungeon crawler. You play as Skully, an enchanted skeleton who guards the darkest depths of a dungeon. You awaken to the sound of an alarm, intruders are invading your dungeon, why? Accompanied by your helpful bat companion Imber and armed with magic, you travel into the sewers of the dungeon, sword in hand, to begin your hunt of the mysterious intruders.

Skelattack puts you on the opposite end of the traditional dungeon crawler making you the dungeon keeper hunting the characters you would usually be playing as.

Firstly, the art style is gorgeous, giving the game some instant character and charm. The character design is simple but great, especially the protagonist Skully – he’s cute and goofy and fits perfectly into his cute but dark environment.

Brilliantly, your enemies seem to consist of your run of the mill RPG classes including pyromancers and raiders all be it they are clones of one design per class I thought this was a great idea.

The developers, Ukuza Games, have put a huge amount of time and consideration into the design of the puzzles, environment, NPC’s and it all comes together seamlessly in a very enjoyable game. As you progress through the game, you collect coins that can be used to buy new weapons and spells as you would in any other dungeon crawler. There is a huge amount of platforming to be done whilst traversing the many puzzle rooms on Skully’s dungeon, so you would hope the controls would be responsive and easy to pick up – luckily they are. I was using an Xbox One controller on my PC and it controlled beautifully.

I played Skelattack for easily three hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot wait to see more of this game as it goes through its last few months of development and will definitely be picking this up on the Nintendo Switch.

Fancy giving Skelattack a go? You can download the demo from the official website http://skelattack.com and stay up to date with the games development by following the official Twitter page.

Skelattack releases on the 31st October 2018 on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Have you tried Skelattack? What do you think to the game so far? Let us know in the comments and please stay tuned to us at Any Button Gaming for all your gaming needs.

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