In My Shadow – A Puzzle Platformer with a Twist

In My Shadow – A Puzzle Platformer with a Twist

In My Shadow is a puzzle platformer with a twist in which you let your imagination play with shadows to solve logical puzzles. Developed by Playbae and published by Alcon Interactive Group. The game has now been released on consoles as it was previously available for PC.

It tells the story of Bella, a young woman who had a fallout with her family years ago and now finds herself struggling to respond to her father’s text message. Her childhood memories come to life as shadows on the wall of her house. You must use those shadows to solve unique puzzles as you go through her heart-felt journey of loss, nostalgia and acceptance.


  • More than 50 levels spread across the walls of 4 rooms, each having its own set of distinct mechanics.
  • A heart-felt story about Bella’s mental apprehensions narrated through her childhood memories.
  • Melodic music that flows seamlessly throughout the game to let you deeply absorb the emotion.
  • Full Controller Support
  • Available in 9 languages – Engligh, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese

In My Shadow is available on ios, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation

Source: InMyShadow

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