July 3, 2022

Illusion A Tale Of The Mind – PlayStation 4 Review

In Illusion: A Tail Of The Mind, Emma our protagonist traverses the psyche of a killers mind whilst trying to rescue her father. This premise felt so intriguing and had me so excited to delve into this psychological mystery of a game. Immediately on beginning this game I was reminded of the Alice series by the games art design which is a cult favourite.

Then I played the game. Its presented beautifully and the art style is really unique even though the graphics are not much better than the last console generation but it works.

Now the game has problems, so many problems. the voice acting is awful, so awful and so cringy that it made me wince every time the characters spoke. The story lasts a decent amount of playtime and is okay, it plays out at a good pace and has some great ideas but the characters are kind of forgettable which makes it very hard to get invested in the overall narrative and care about the protagonist.

For the first hour or so the puzzles felt natural and I felt like I was learning as I progressed (The main bulk of the game is puzzle solving like The Witness) and then I realised it was just variations of the same two puzzles. The puzzles consist of either spinning multiple discs to assemble a visible puzzle or positioning the camera to make a bunch of floating items form a shape. By the time I had hit two hours in every puzzle felt like a chore, it became a narrative driven game with the hindrance of game-play which sums up the game. The level design is great and very distinctive as I said but no level feels inherently different from one to the next.

The entire story arc of Illusion is good and it has some really good ideas but the ridiculous limitations of the game-play drags this game down so far and leaves me feeling that the developers never got to realise their original vision.

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  • 3/10
    Overall - 3/10


Illusion: A Tale Of The Mind has some really great narrative ideas but is crippled by the repetitive and uninspired game-play.

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