IKEA introduce cardboard consoles to help you get the right fit.

IKEA introduce cardboard consoles to help you get the right fit.

If you’ve been a good person recently, and the jolly fat man has gifted you a shiny new console, you’ve probably realised that it won’t quite fit in your current TV stand/entertainment unit. Never fear though as IKEA has the answer!

Spotted by Imgur user JFP1, the cardboard cut-outs have the exact dimensions of each console, so you won’t have to Jenga them into your current stand.

IKEA consoles

While, it’s not been confirmed which IKEA stores have these, its quite a good idea. With both consoles taking up quite a large space, it’s good to know that, when it comes to deciding what unit to buy, your precious console won’t have to sit on the floor or risk being knocked off.

Nobody touch the shelf

Someone at IKEA does have a sense of humour though. On the side of the ‘PS5’ mock-up (fins included), the following appears: ‘Which IKEA media storage unit will be able to fit my meme-ishly oversized gaming console?’ Which is true, as both consoles are a fair size and many have commented just how large this new gen of console actually is.

Although at this moment in time, you’ve got more chance of finding a unit/shelf that fits both consoles, than an ACTUAL console, as supply issues still plague both consoles.

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