July 6, 2022

IGN Editor Sacked For Plagiarism

Yesterday IGN editor Filip Miucin was sacked over accusations of plagiarism. The accusations came about after YouTuber Boomstick Gaming launched a video comparing both his and the IGN editors reviews for Motion Twin’s roguelite, Dead Cells. Boomstick Gaming voiced his concerns via Twitter and the story went viral almost instantly.

Amidst the controversy IGN took down their review and issued a statement via Twitter addressing the YouTubers concerns and confirming they would investigate. Only for hours later to issue another statement confirming the accusations were true and their parting of company with the now former Nintendo editor.

The games media and many YouTube commentators have shown their support and praised IGN’s swift handling of the situation, including Jim Sterling and YongYea.

You can watch the full video below.

The YouTuber presented a watertight case in his video citing Filip’s almost copy and paste replication of his work and has even shown the beat for beat structure that is an almost carbon copy.

You can also check out his review along with many more at the Boomstick Gaming YouTube channel.

Filip is yet to comment on the situation but it has since come to light that it may not be his first time ripping off another content creators work, accusations were made over a fifa 18 review that was copied from a review from NintendoLife last year. So do you think IGN handled the situation well? Let us know in the comments.

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