Icarus First Cohort A Sci-Fi Co-op Survival Game

Icarus First Cohort A Sci-Fi Co-op Survival Game

Icarus First Cohort is an upcoming co-op survival game from Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) and developer Rocketwerkz. In Icarus, players descend to a hostile alien world from an orbiting space station to gather valuable exotic resources, build tools and structures, hunt (and be hunted by) wildlife, and try to make it back to their space station alive.

Icarus is a session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players or solo. 

Confront and conquer a brutal PvE world determined to wear you down or tear you apart. From toxic atmosphere to savage wildlife and game-altering weather events, Icarus is a planet with a temper. Preparation and planning are everything. Whether it’s to find a source of oxygen, stalk your next meal or stock supplies for a long journey into the wilderness.

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Icarus Launch Date Announcement

Your time on Icarus is limited, so use every second wisely. The orbital space station waits for no one. If you fail to return to your dropship in time, there is no rescue – your character’s progression and tech is lost to planet Icarus. Drop sessions can vary from hours to days long with varied missions and locations. Every drop has a clear goal and time limit, but how you overcome its challenges is up to you.

Icarus First Cohort is scheuduled for release on PC on the 11th August 2021

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