May 25, 2022

Hyper Scape Off To A Bad Start

Ubisoft have released their entry into the (already) overcrowded battle royale genre with Hyper Scape.

It promises to be a battle royale FPS with a unique twist. To be fair to it, Hyper Scape was building quite a following before it’s release. It was even topping Twitch’s most viewed charts when it’s technical test went live.

Sadly this hype seemed to be short lived for the futuristic free-to-play shooter as it’s viewership has actually dropped now that the game has gone live. Especially when you compare it’s viewings of around 11,000 to other battle royale games, such as Fall Guys (which also released recently), that have upwards of 310,000 viewers at one time.

Hyper Scape Was Being Pushed To Take Over Twitch

Ubisoft was pushing Hyper Scape to be the next big thing, especially on Twitch’s streaming platform. Ahead of its release, Ubisoft announced it was working on specific Twitch integrations for the game allowing viewers to partake in a streamers game. The viewers would be able to decide on random map events and pickups, such as low gravity or infinite ammo.

What Could Be Causing This Lack Of Interest?

It’s isn’t really clear. It could be that competition from the likes of Call of Duty or the ever popular Fortnite are drawing viewers away. The fact that the battle royale genre is over saturated probably doesn’t help. Or maybe fans are unimpressed with futuristic setting, you only have to look at the fan reaction to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to see that the future isn’t everyone’s favourite shooter setting. Then again, it could just be that attention has dwindled in the time it has taken from being announced to being released.

You only have to look at Ubisoft’s other titles to know that they will not let this slow start stop them. Take Rainbow Six Siege, for example, which has been nurtured with constant updates and support and has now grown into a worldwide eSports phenomenon. With this track record, it’s not easy to say that Hyper Space is a flop just yet but Ubisoft may need to inject something to grow this shooter a bit quicker.

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