Humble Choice Available Now – July 2022

Humble Choice Available Now – July 2022

A new month means one thing; brand new games! And, if you’re looking to add a plethora of new games to your PC libraries, Humble has your back.

For a small cost (up to £15.99 a month), you can download and keep up to 10 new games. And the better news is, you’ll be supporting some great charities whilst you’re at it!

Humble’s charity of choice for this month is; Active Minds. Active Minds is; “dedicated to saving lives and to building stronger families and communities. Through education, research, advocacy, and a focus on young adults ages 14–25, Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the United States” [via/]

See? Just by buying some great games, you can help make an impact. Speaking of games;

Deep Rock Galactic (+ 65% off Ultimate Bundle coupon)

Published by: Coffee Stain Studios

Developed by: Ghost Ship Games

Usual RRP: £24.52

Deep Rock Galactic is a one-four player co-op FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters.

Work together as a team to dig, explore, and fight your way through a massive cave system filled with hordes of deadly enemies and valuable resources. You will need to rely on your teammates if you want to survive the most hostile cave systems in the galaxy!”

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Necromundo: Hired Gun

Published by: Focus Entertainment

Developed by: Streum On Studio

Usual RRP: £32.69

“Navigate an ocean of crime and corruption to balance the bloody ecosystem of Necromunda as a merciless hired gun. The money’s good, the dog’s loyal, and the gun’s reliable – but can you survive the hunt? Necromunda: Hired Gun is an indie fast-paced, violent, and thrilling FPS set in the darkest reaches of Warhammer 40,000’s most infamous hive city.

For the right price, eliminate the most notorious gangers and mutants. Your armory is a sprawling arsenal. Your body is enhanced with a dozen customisable augments to run on walls and leap over chasms. Your cyber-mastiff will sniff out and kill enemies for you, while your grappling hook allows quick, agile traversal of the massive environments”.

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Legion: TD 2 – Multiplayer Tower Defense

Published by: AutoAttack Games

Developed by: AutoAttack Games

Usual RRP: £16.34

“Endless waves of enemies threaten your king. Assemble your army from over 100 unique fighters, each with its own strengths and abilities.

Empower your defences with auras and spells, and change the tides of battle by unleashing powerful mercenary attacks.

How many waves can you last before your defences collapse and your king falls? Outwit and break your opponents before they break you”.

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Legend of Keepers

Published by: Goblinz Studio

Developed by: Goblinz Studio

Usual RRP: £16.34

“In this original mix of Dungeon Management and Roguelite, you will lead your career as a Dungeon Manager!

Each run will be different but players will keep some of their Master’s bonuses between runs. Like we’ve already mentioned, our game is a mix between Roguelite and Dungeon Management. How did we achieve that? By running many tests to find the perfect balance between management and dungeon phases!

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Lawn Mowing Simulator

Published by: Curve Games

Developed by: Skyhook Games

Usual RRP: £16.34

“Experience the beauty and detail of mowing the Great British countryside in Lawn Mowing Simulator, the only simulator that allows you to ride an authentic and expansive roster of real-world licensed lawn mowers from prestigious manufacturers; Toro, SCAG and STIGA as you manage your mowing business”.

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Banners of Ruin

Published by: Goblinz Studio, Mugen Creations, Maple Whispering

Developed by: Montebearo

Usual RRP: £16.34

“The Blackfoots have been dealt a mighty blow by the fearsome House Ender – you must infiltrate their defences and cut out the rot.

Build your deck and fight your way through the city of Dawn’s Point with card based combat and up to six members in your party. Characters loyal to your cause have a set of unique cards and abilities that may augment your deck in powerful, exciting ways.

Defeat each of the elite opponents in your path to the city’s Guard Captain and cripple the Enders at their core. You and your brethren may fall at this attempt, but there will always be others to carry the torch. House Blackfoot will remember, and they will never relent.

Encounter a series of scenarios as you travel through the city which may help you, but at the expense of some moral ground”.

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Yes, Your Grace

Published by: No More Robots

Developed by: Brave At Night

Usual RRP: £16,34

“In this kingdom management RPG, petitioners will arrive in the throne room each turn to ask for your advice and assistance. Decide whether to help them with their problems, or to conserve resources for more important matters.

Remember: supplies are limited, and not everyone has the kingdom’s best interests at heart…”

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Atom RPG Trudograd

Published by: Atom Team

Developed by: Atom Team

Usual RRP: £8.98

Trudograd is a stand-alone story expansion to ATOM RPG – a turn-based roleplaying game set in post-apocalyptic Soviet Union. It is inspired by classic cRPG titles of the past, such as early Fallout, Wasteland, and Baldur’s Gate series.

22 years ago the USSR and the Western Bloc destroyed each other in a nuclear inferno. Millions died instantly, society collapsed and technology was sent back into the Middle Ages. You are a member of ATOM – an organization tasked with protecting the post-apocalyptic remnants of humanity.

Two years ago you – a rookie agent of ATOM – were sent on a dangerous mission into the Soviet Wastes. As a result, you uncovered certain information about a new threat that can potentially destroy the struggling remnants of humanity”.

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And there you have it. A host of games from a plethora of different publishers, some you’ll know, some you’re yet to discover. And the best part is, you can get any [or even all] of these games for around £15!

Plus, you’ll be helping sponsor a worthwhile cause in a problematic time. Who says gaming doesn’t benefit anyone?