Humble Choice Available Now – January 2021

Humble Choice Available Now – January 2021

A new month means one thing; brand new games! And, if you’re looking to add a plethora of new games to your PC libraries, Humble has your back.

For a small cost (up to £15.99 a month), you can download and keep up to 12 new games. And the better news is, you’ll be supporting some great charities whilst you’re at it!

Humble’s charity of choice for this month is; buildOn. BuildOn’s mission is to, “break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. [They] mobilise US students to transform their communities through service and change the world by building schools in developing countries” [c/o buildOn]

See? Just by buying some great games, you can help make an impact. Speaking of games;

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Published by: 2K

Developed by: Hangar 13

Usual RRP: £29.73

“Part one of the Mafia crime saga – 1930s, Lost Heaven, IL. Re-made from the ground up, rise through the ranks of the Mafia during the Prohibition era of organized crime. After a run-in with the mob, cab driver Tommy Angelo is thrust into a deadly underworld. Initially uneasy about falling in with the Salieri crime family, Tommy soon finds that the rewards are too big to ignore”.

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Iron Harvest

Published by: Deep Silver

Developed by: KING Art Games

Usual RRP: £24.99

“Tradition clashes with scientific and technological progress, while Europe is still recovering from the brutal battles of the World War. Cities are being rebuilt and, in the countryside, the era of the Iron Harvest has begun. Farmers are uncovering the remains of the majestic walking machines that had fought on the battlefields of the Great War.

In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Europe’s very existence at risk. Secret forces are putting everything they can towards destabilisation of entire countries, determined to set the world on fire once again and finally seize control”.

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Project Winter

Published by: Other Ocean

Developed by: Other Ocean

Usual RRP: £15.49

“Betray your friends in this eight-person multiplayer focused on social deception and survival.

Communication and teamwork is essential to the survivors’ ultimate goal of escape. Gather resources, repair structures, and brave the wilderness together.

Just beware that there are traitors within the group who will be steadily gaining strength as the match progresses. Traitors only goal is to stop the survivors by any means necessary”.

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Rebel Cops

Published by: THQ Nordic

Developed by: Weappy Studio

Usual RRP: £7.99

“Viktor Zuev, a sadistic crime boss new on the scene, has quickly taken the town of Ripton by the throat. The community’s leaders and even the local police have surrendered to his will. A master of intimidation and blackmail, Zuev has seized every major business in town, all of which he now controls as his own private fiefdom.

But an outlaw band of renegade cops refuse to bow. With little hope of success, they fight on – for justice and the soul of their town”.

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Published by: Modus Games, Games Operators

Developed by: Jutsu Games

Usual RRP: £19.49

Rustler is an open-world, top-down action game paying tribute to the good old GTA-style and gameplay, fusing it with a historically inaccurate medieval setting.

Play as ‘The Guy’, whose parents apparently were too lazy to give him a proper name. Experience feudal injustice, inquisition, witch-hunting, and join The Grand Tournament. Meet valiant, yet incredibly stupid knights. Complete a wide variety of twisted missions and quests, or don’t give a damn about the plot and bring mayhem in the villages and cities. Choose to go on foot, or by a stolen horse. Fight with a sword or pick a fancy automatic crossbow.

All that, spiced up with an inappropriate Monty Python-inspired sense of humour”.

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The Henry Stickmin Collection

Published by: InnerSloth

Developed by: Puffballs United

Usual RRP: £11.39

The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalised.

This six-game epic culminates in multiple entirely canon, extremely different endings. Each step of the journey has you choose from options such as a Teleporter or calling in your buddy Charles to help you out. Correct choices will move the story forward, but incorrect choices lead to a fail.

If you get to the end on your first try, you’re doing it wrong. Failing is half the fun”.

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Farmer’s Dynasty

Published by: Toplitz Productions

Developed by: UMEO Studio

Usual RRP: £24.99

“Remember the good old days visiting your grand fathers farm? The time when you were sitting on your grandfather’s tractor together with him driving around and working on your fields?

You are back on your farm now. The past years have been full of work for you in the city but you never forgot the good old times. The dream always lived in you: to rebuild your grandfather’s farm and start your own dynasty – let the dream come true!”

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Between the Stars

Published by: Isolated Games, Poysky Productions, WhisperGames

Developed by: Isolated Games

Usual RRP: £19.49

Between the Stars is a space action game with RPG growth and real-time combat that places you at the helm of an interstellar cruiser. Your mission will be to protect the civilised world from the Children of the Sun, a faction that dominates border planets in the known universe.

In order to undertake your mission, you must cross the galaxy, face new challenges at each warp jump, and make difficult decisions that affect your ship, crew and the world that surrounds you while upgrading your ship’s equipment and fighting in battles to survive”.

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Published by: RewindApp

Developed by: RewindApp

Usual RRP: £1.69

Neon lights, palm trees, synthwave, ’80s supercars speeding down an endless highway… Welcome to the world of Retrowave!

Listening to Synthwave/’Retrowave‘, most people have had this feeling of nostalgia for an era they didn’t know or that never existed. The Retrowave is very much inspired by the ’80s, but is mostly an idealised futuristic version of the ’80s.

This game offers the player the unique experience of being immersed in this wonderful world for at least a few moments…”

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Midnight Protocol

Published by: Iceberg Interactive

Developed by: LuGus Studios

Usual RRP: £12.99

“You assume the mantle of a prominent hacktivist, ‘Data’, who recently got doxxed and has been targeted for blackmail by a shadowy branch of government.

You interact with the virtual environment through your home terminal that requires nothing more than your keyboard”.

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And there you have it. A host of games from a plethora of different publishers, some you’ll know, some you’re yet to discover. And the best part is, you can get any [or even all] of these games for around £15!

Plus, you’ll be helping sponsor a worthwhile cause in a problematic time. Who says gaming doesn’t benefit anyone?

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