Huge V4 Update coming to Splatoon 2

Huge V4 Update coming to Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 has been known for getting lots of new content lately, there is always room for more and nobody is complaining! Splatoon 2 is receiving a version 4 update soon with all kinds of extra content.

Some new gear is on the way today along with weapons, both from the new Kensa Collection.  You may recognize the weapons these are based on, but their style is all-new.

100x Battle is on its way  –  being a little spin on Splatfest Turf Wars.  If teams keep winning or earn a huge victory, they can be featured on the big screen in the lobby. These new features are being implemented today!

It also appears powerful Specials are coming as well like a huge blast of ink to wipe out any opponent. Teases of new locations are also featured in the form of a pagoda-like structure. These are set to be added early next month while new content keeps coming until December and Splatfests lasting until July 2019.

Learn more on the official website.

source : hardcoregamer

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