July 5, 2022

Huge Update for MMORPG AION

Fans of AION get ready for the huge update you have been waiting for.  Responding to player feedback publisher Gameforge is releasing a massive update that makes it look like a completely new launch of the game.

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Since September 5, 2018 players have been able to beta test the new version.  One tester was quoted as saying this about the update:  “The update offers AION fans exactly what they have wanted for so long.”  Another added: “Less grind and more fun; faster and more efficient leveling and better PVP balance”

What can you expect in this update, which is now live according to the game website.  Improved features with simplified systems, reworked balance of PVP and PVE, faster levelling and a clearer skill tree.  You can also expect some new content with the addition of the PVPVE region of Lakrum, reworked storyline, Gold Sand Shop and a few new PVE instances.

If you aren’t an MMORPG fan you may not be aware of the ever popular game AION.  The game has been operating since 2008 (2010 in North America & 2011 in Europe).   AION is set in the fantasy world of Atreia, which of course is riddled with conflict.  There have been 6 expansions over the course of its 10 years.  Players choose from 6 classes of characters.  Like many other MMORP’s there are multitudes of quests, the ability to craft and ride mounts.  You also have the ability to group up with other players to take on tougher areas.

Check out the AION – A New Dawn website for full details of the update or to register and play the game.  AION is Free to Play on PC.

Let us know if you’ve played AION previously and whether you are looking forward to the latest update.

Source:  Press Release and AION 6.0 website

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