Huge Expansion Revealed For Outriders

Huge Expansion Revealed For Outriders

Outriders surprised us all and took the world by storm when it first launched back in April, last year. And the developers over at People Can Fly have made an exemplary display of how to manage a live service game and a growing online community. Outriders is completely free of microtransactions or other sneaky ways of trying to siphon additional money from players. The massive New Horizon update launched last fall, completely free of charge while adding tons of new content to the already fleshed out game. The first paid expansion was revealed last night and it’s called Worldslayer.


Worldslayer introduces a metric buttload of new stuff. There is an entirely new campaign in which the terrible Altered-person (I believe that’s the pc-term) with the incomprehensible name Ereshkigal. Ereshkigal is the commander of the Human Resurgence Faction and she has a rare take on how the planet of Enoch should be managed. I’ll give you a hint, there’s a considerable amount of death and ruin.

Luckily the outriders (you) have a few new tricks to combat Ereshkigal and her minions. Worldslayer adds a new skill tree for players to unlock, new Apocalypse Gear which can only be obtained by completing the hardest challenges in Outriders. There are also new gear-mods as well as a completely new endgame, called Trial of Tarya Gratar.

Worldslayer gives players the opportunity to push their level beyond level 30. However, the new expansion makes it possible to boost a new character to level 30 if you want to jump into the expansion from the get-go.

Outriders: Worldslayer comes out on June 30th and costs $40. if you want to know more about Worldslayer you can check out this Reddit thread by Square Enix.

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