Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Designer Dies, Age 36

Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Designer Dies, Age 36

With great sadness we are able to disclose that the lead designer on Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, Michael Andrew Nash has passed away at the young age of just 36. Gavial Kilomv, a former colleague at Guerrilla confirm the news on social media site Twitter.

Gavial has gone to great lengths to praise the execeptional talent of this young artist. He highlights in particular the steadfast work-ethic and his “outstanding” contribution to 3D visual design. The original tweet reads as follows,

Of Nash, Gavial goes on to say in subsequent tweets,

He was a digital sculptor. He was an artist. Mike was a 3D designer that many looked up to and I have no doubt that his work will be studied for decades to come by students and professionals alike and it will inspire for years to come.

Mike was a fan of Frazetta and he loved the legacy that he left behind and that his work inspired younger people to get into art. My hope is that even this additional amount of work I am sharing can hopefully inspire someone to become an artist.

Rest in Peace, Mike Nash.

Gavial Kilomv, Twitter, Jan 21, 2021

Gavial reveals too that Nash was behind some of the most iconic designs in Horizon Zero Dawn. These will ensure Horizon remains distinguished and unforgettable, held fondly in our memories.

Nash’s full ArtStation portfolio is available to view here, and includes a lot of his original Horizon artwork.. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.

Source; PSU.com