Horizon: Zero Dawn Board Game Announced

Horizon: Zero Dawn Board Game Announced

Steamforged Games has announced a Horizon: Zero Dawn board game.

The semi-cooperative board game can be played with one to four players. The premise sees players take on one of four hunters, tasked with hunting down various robotic animals fans of the game will undoubtedly recognise.

The four hunter classes are;

  • Nora Huntsman: A flexible all-rounder equipped with a bow and a spear, the Marksman has a mixed combat style. They can attack from range, but also drive a swift spear when an adversary closes in
  • Carja Warrior: The Carja Warrior is a fragile damage dealer. What they lack in durability, they make up for with higher damage and interactions with glory, representing the nobility of their tribe
  • Oseram Forgesmith: In contrast to the nimble Carja, the Forgesmith is durable and stoic. A melee powerhouse, they’re all about setting opponents on fire and gaining glory for the pleasure
  • Banuk Survivor: A determined hunter from the mystic Banuk tribe, the Survivor rewards calculated risks. This resourceful individual can scrap cards to produce powerful effects

As you can see, each one has different playstyles. However, you’ll all of your skills and wits about you to take on the various machines that plague the land. The following machines come as part of the game;

  • Watchers: Small machines designed for reconnaissance. Likely to alert other machines when hunters are around
  • Striders: One of the weaker machine types. But even weak machines can take down a careless hunter
  • Scrappers: Small machine type with dangerous offensive weapons. Proceed with caution
  • Grazers: Small, deer-like machines with powerful horns
  • Shell-Walkers: Medium-sized machines that walk like spiders and transport resources in their shells. Significant threat
  • Sawtooths: Hostile machines created for combat. Highly aggressive

Furthermore, the Horizon: Zero Dawn board game boasts 24 miniature figures, 15 tiles & terrains, 120 tokens, and 365 cards. Additional expansion packs (including; the Stormbird, the Thunderjaw, and the Rockbreaker Expansions) are currently in production.

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For further information on the Horizon: Zero Dawn board game, head to steamforged.com. The game currently retails at £89.99.

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