Hood – Outlaws & Legends. We Are All Outlaws But Who Will Become the Legend?

Hood – Outlaws & Legends. We Are All Outlaws But Who Will Become the Legend?

Hood – Outlaws & Legends is a PvPvE multiplayer game set in a violent, medieval world. The game has been brought to us by developer: Sumo Digital

The games objective is to outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists. Moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat, only the best will escape with hard-earned riches.


Stealing a treasure chest from a State stronghold is your main objective, but locating and escaping with it will require teamwork and tactics. The game world is realistic, with believable interactions and consequences. Treasure chests are heavy and must be carried. Ammo is limited to what you can carry, salvage, or recover from your fallen enemies. Noise attracts attention, both from the AI guards and rival players. Combat can be brutal and deadly, so using stealth can often be the optimal approach.

Using the unique and varied playstyles of each outlaw will be key to your success. Some are specialised in ranged combat, while others are far more deadly up close in a melee brawl. It’s entirely up to you how you configure and combine your skills. This is a heist after all, and no heist would be complete without assembling the gang to discuss the plan before cracking the vault and making good on your getaway! 

The Team

  • The Ranger – is a sniper and master infiltrator. Equipped with a powerful longbow, the ranger can fire explosive arrows and use flashbangs to daze and confuse.
  • The Hunter – With a burst-fire crossbow attached to her bracer, the Hunter is as elusive as she is mysterious. Her quick takedowns, invisibility magic, and smoke grenades make her a terror in close-quarters.
  • The Brawler – No man would dare face the mighty brawler in a close quarter combat. His sledgehammer is capable of downing some foes in a single blow, and when he activates his Wrath ability, he becomes nigh unstoppable.
  • The Mystic – The mystic brings divination and trickery to the battlefield. His mystical powers can detect nearby enemies, while his poisonous smoke bombs can bring unfortunate foes to their knees.

Reap The Rewards

Between heists, visit the hideout to spend some of your stolen fortune. Giving money back to the people will increase the range of items available to you in the shops.

You can improve, alter and refine your characters’ natural skills via a range of perks. Unlock new perks by earning experience points from each heist, and then purchase them with the reward money.

Further personalize your heroes with a range of new weapons and costumes. For some of the more prestigious cosmetics you will need to demonstrate your mastery of each character through both time investments and skill-based actions.

Hood – Outlaws & Legends will be released on PlayStation, Xbox & PC on the 7th May 2021

Source: Focus

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