July 5, 2022

The latest and last DLC pack for Hollow Knight, Gods & Glory, has been detailed to include awesome new content for the game.

Bosses, NPC’S and Charms, as well as an all new game mode, are all arriving with the new content pack.

An all new character, The Godseeker, is making her way into the game. This will also expand your romance options in game. Players will be able to track down this disturbing yet alluring being, break the chains that hold her and help her in her ancient quest.

The world’s greatest warriors will once again raise their blades in battle with epic bosses. Team Cherry have not said specifically what to expect, however the new boss fights will have some sort of tie in to the Godseeker’s story line.

A new game mode also arrives in Hollow Knight – Team Cherry have not made details of the mode available, however they said that it is a requested fan favourite. You will have to complete the Godseeker’s quest to unlock the new mode.

Christopher Larkin has been very busy preparing all new tracks for the game – fans can expect epic boss battle music, as well as some remixes of the classics.

You will also be able to discover a new level to your charm collection.

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Hollow Knight’s latest DLC Gods & Glory will release on Nintendo switch and PC on August 23rd for free.

Source: Kotaku

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