May 22, 2022

Hokko Life is Basically Animal Crossing But on PC

God bless the indie developers. Whilst popular Nintendo mainstays seem to be cast aside for the pursuit of greed, the likes of TemTem and now Hokko Life offer fans classic Nintendo-charm without contemporary Nintendo evil

With all the hype around the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizon almost at boiling point, PC players may be feeling left out. Certainly, you could go out and pick up a new Switch.

Or, you could check out Hokko Life and never leave the comfort of your desk.

Robert Tatnell, taking his experiences from being an artist for Sony and Lionhead has solo developed Hokko Life. In fact, he has even announced it’s early access will be released this year as reported by PCgamer.

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The aesthetics of this game is clear; calm and friendly. With this in mind, though there are some differences that set it apart from its inspiration.

Player creativity is the central focus, offering a more open-ended approach to how you design your town. Notably, you will be able to go out into the wilderness and create furniture based on what materials you actually find.

The developer hopes to add player trading down the line allowing players to truly show off their creative flair.

In addition, Tatnell hopes for takes such as fishing and gardening to be more engaging similar to what Stardew Valley achieved. With this in mind, how they will be more engaging has not been expanded on much.

All things considered, this game is already looking great for an early access release. Especially since this game is entirely a solo project. Expect to see Hokko Life in Steam early access sometime in 2020.

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