Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer Reveals Holiday 2022 Release

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer Reveals Holiday 2022 Release

Finally, Harry Potter’s digital open-world reimagining in Hogwarts Legacy has a release date. The new adventure, set in the famed wizarding school Hogwarts will launch during the 2022 holiday season. Better yet, it will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. This all dropped after roughly 15 minutes of gameplay shown during the PlayStation State of Play Livestream on Thursday.

During the showcase, aspiring wizards and witches alike got a preview of Hogwarts Legacy’s character creation, along with some of the activities on offer both in and out of school. Viewers also caught a glance of the story tying everything together, set around 100 years before Harry Potter made his entrance.

Hogwarts Legacy places the play as a new wizard or witch, but they’ll start their adventure in year 5. The game will bring the player up to speed in the intro, along with the game’s controls as you might expect. So far, the story seems to involve all manner of goblins and dark wizards, but details are vague at this time. The prelude involves investigating a goblin rebellion with the new character Professor Figg. The trailer also seems to hint that the player could choose to take a “dark path” hinting at a Fable-like morality mechanic.

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15 glorious minutes of Hogwarts Legacy, shared curtisy of PlayStation’s State of Play this week

Hogwarts Legacy looks very much the typical RPG as far as other mechanics go. Players can craft potions and magical items, with a full skill tree ready and waiting for magical point investment. NPC friends or followers can be garnered, too. Much like the Fallout series, their unique buffs, and perks will supplement the player’s build. The infamous Room of Requirement will act as a hub, naturally.

Important to note, that whilst the game fits well with the overall Harry Potter canon, original author J.K. Rowling has not been involved at all with the game. This appears to have come from the general distancing Warner Brothers have put between themselves and the creator. But whatever, so far the game looks amazing, and the thought of being a student at Hogwarts has been a dream of many a budding witch and wizard for decades. Frankly, we can’t wait to enroll. Now where’s that sorting hat…

Source; Polygon