Hoa Gameplay Dev Walkthrough

Hoa Gameplay Dev Walkthrough

In an exclusive video for IGN, Son Tra, the Co-Founder and art Director of Hoa walked through a bit of what to expect from the game. If you’ve not heard of it before, Hoa is a puzzle-platformer Skrollcat Studios. And it looks….adorable.

If you’re a fan of the Ori and the Blind Forest but don’t feel like having your heart ripped out, Hoa could be for you. Although it may have Ori‘s platforming gameplay, cute characters and beautiful soundtrack it (so far) does not seem to have the same difficulty. Which I’m sure many of you will be glad of! That being said, Son Tra was only showing off the second level, so you wouldn’t expect anything too difficult. She did go on record as saying enemies will only push you back rather than damaging you.

Hoa will be releasing on PC, mac and Nintendo Switch in April.

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