Hitman 2 DLC Out Now, Adds A Whole New Location

Hitman 2 DLC Out Now, Adds A Whole New Location

IO Interactive has released its first DLC location for Hitman 2. The new level, named The Bank, is set in New York City, and it’s out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The location also comes with a new campaign mission called Golden Handshake, along with accompanying special contracts. In addition, the DLC pack includes new challenges, trophies/achievements, and mastery progression levels, as well as the corresponding rewards.

The Bank is included in Hitman 2’s expansion pass, which costs $40 / £32.79 / AU $60. However, the add-on is not available to purchase by itself so you’ll need to fork out for the expansion pass if you want to play it.

Source: Gamespot

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