History Hit Announces Historical Esports Tournament with a $10,000 Prize Pool.

History Hit Announces Historical Esports Tournament with a $10,000 Prize Pool.

History Hit, the historical podcast and online history channel, has announced two new esports events today with a combined prize pool of cool $10,000.

Due to be broadcast live on the History Hit Youtube and Twitch account this autumn, the two tournaments will focus on the historical RTS franchise, Age of Empires, with the first tournament named ‘History Hit Open’ primarily focusing on Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, being played as a knockout style competition.

The second tournament named ‘The History Hit League of Nations (Let’s hope it lasts longer than the actual League of Nations) will be a league-based competition due to take place after the much-anticipated Age of Empires IV has been released, and has a combined prize pool of $10,000.

Let’s just hope the Winged Hussars don’t arrive and save the day

Dan Snow, Co-founder & Creative Director of History Hit and a fellow tall person had this to say about the new venture:

Ever since that memorable week when I switched off my phone, stockpiled supplies and spent every waking hour playing Civilization II I have been obsessed with historical gaming. I saw instantly that these games entertain but they also educate. So many people confide to me that they were introduced to a love of history by Age of Empires, or Total War.

Like historical novels, games fire the imagination, captivate and set people on the path to a fascination with what has gone before. We have a lot of passionate historical strategy gamers on Team History Hit so it was the natural thing to launch our new gaming section. We’ll be letting our history mad audience know which are the best history games out there and how to play them.

Most excitingly of all we will be hosting esports tournaments. What could be more historic? Tournaments date from the 12th Century, this is modern incarnation literally in the spirit of its medieval ancestors.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

RTS’s and history have always gone hand in hand. Games like Age of Empires and Command & Conquer, which draw their inspiration from historical facts, have always done well with video gamers and history fans, myself included, why C&C is one of the reasons I love history, the others being Time Ghost and Sabaton.

James Carson, General Manager at History Hit feels that gaming and Esports offer a new and exciting opportunity to connect history with a global audience:

History Hit is dedicated to making history more accessible in the digital age. Having been a player of historical games for over 25 years, history and gaming is a clear fit – we will offer something very different to other gaming websites by only covering games that are clearly based in history. Esports is a fast-growing entertainment format and many historical games are well suited to it.

We’re excited about connecting this vast global community with our dedicated digital history channels

But how can you sign up for the tournaments I hear you ask?

Well, registration for the first live tournament ‘ ‘History Hit Open’ is now open. To register your interest, simply email esports@historyhit.com with ‘History Hit Open’ as the subject line and your credentials. Only the bravest and wisest generals will succeed. Will you be one of them? See you on the battlefield.

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