May 22, 2022
Hero Bans

Hero bans are a common occurrence in competitive multiplayer games, especially those in eSports leagues. Bans in these games allow players to choose what character they wish to have excluded from gameplay. In competitive online gaming, the meta can be critical to strategy. In spite of this, Blizzard has chosen to instead implement a weekly “Hero Pool.”

During Thursday’s developer update, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced that every week they will choose to exclude a number of heroes from participating in competitive play. Kaplan also assured gamers that their hero bans would not affect Quickplay or the arcade. He has also stated that their policy regarding these bans may change in the future. Blizzard is exploring options such as changing the pool duration, or even adopting a match-by-match system.

Blizzard also used the developers update to announce their new approach to gameplay balance testing. In response to complaints of gameplay balance changes being infrequent, a new “Experimental Card” option is coming to the game’s menu. The card brings about elements similar to Overwatch’s own Public Test Realm. Blizzard plans to use this Experimental Card to test individual changes to the game, and not exclusively to competitive modes.

For more information regarding the Developer’s Update, check out the original article from PC Gamer. Or, if you’re a Nintendo fan, read what Jeff Kaplan has to say about Link joining the franchise here.

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