Here’s How Much The LEGO Mario Sets Cost

Here’s How Much The LEGO Mario Sets Cost

The appealing LEGO Mario sets have finally been unveiled.

LEGO and Nintendo have revealed the full line-up of toys ahead of their August realease. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re damn pricey!

For any would-be collectors, you’ll need at least the Starter Course to get things in motion. LEGO will also launch a further 10 expansions, four Power-Up Packs, and a Character Pack to complete LEGO Mario’s adventure.

I hope you’re sitting down for all of this.

That comes to a staggering £490.34/$554.84, and that’s if you only bought one of the character packs! With all 10 characters, you’ll have spent £521.75/$599.75! Of course, as they’re randomised packs, chances are you’ll have spent a lot more than that to get them all.

*These packs are reportedly only available from exclusive retailers.

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