May 23, 2022

Hell Let Loose Deploys Onto The Eastern Front

We will take the fight to their land… to their people… to their blood

Hell Let Loose, the WW2 strategic squad shooter from developer Black Matter has fully launched after spending two years in early access.

Hell Let Loose brings the horror of frontline warfare to players, taking them from the bloody beaches of Utah and Omaha to the hell of Stalingrad.

Hell Let Loose
Its quiet…too quiet

Initially launched way back in June 2019, the full release also brings Update 10 which brings the horror and bloodshed of the Eastern Front, with particular focus on the carnage at Kursk and the hell that is Stalingrad. As well as the two maps players will also receive 20 new weapons, four new vehicles and a new playable faction… The Soviets. Check out the release trailer below!

YouTube player

Hell Let Loose, lets 50 V 50 matches take place over vast maps, with each player taking on a specific role, be they infantry, armour or officers, who have a direct line to General Melchett… I mean the player-commander.

After two years in Steam Early Access that’s seen 10 major content updates and overhauls & improvements to every major system imaginable, it is hugely exciting to finally launch Hell Let Loose on PC. The journey to date has seen our passionate playerbase explode, and we’re looking forward to welcoming new commanders, officers, and soldiers onto the theatres of war on both fronts of the War in Europe. Today doesn’t mark the end of the road however; it’s merely the end of the beginning. We have big plans to continue building Hell Let Loose as an evergreen title for years to come, and we look forward to bringing this authentic World War II experience to new generation consoles later this year.”

Max Rea, Studio Head and Lead Designer at Black Matter

Hell Let Loose is out now on Steam for £34.99… See you on the front line soldier.

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