Heavy Fire: Red Shadow – Xbox One Review

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow – Xbox One Review

Set during the Korean Conflict, Heavy Fire: Red Shadow by developer Mastiff is a shooter game with a bit of a twist. You play Sgt. Will who survived a missile attack on Guam and now with the use of a turret must hold off the invading North Korean forces. The twist is that in Heavy First: Red Shadow your turret has the ability to do a full 360° rotation. There are not many, if any, war style games out which boast that ability.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, the next installment in the Heavy Fire series, is a non-stop action, 360° arcade-style first-person shooter.


At first it seems similar to all the other war shooter games. Your commander advises you of the situation and your task at hand. Your commander sounds just like the stereo-typical commanders of the old war games and movies. Your first mission is on a beach at night. This is when you find out that you are the turret operator. Unlike other defense games, this turret has a 360° rotation. The enemy will come at your from all sides, but don’t worry. As you eliminate the enemy, you’ll also have the ability to call in various other strike support.

Sound Intriguing?

I definitely was intrigued. Unfortunately as I played the game it didn’t live up to the preview I had watched. Thinking it was only my not so stellar FPS skills I called in my own support; a close friend who plays FPS games competitively. I was relieved yet disappointed to find out he had the same thoughts I did about the game. There is so much potential left untapped in this game.

The game has both a campaign and an endless mode. The endless mode includes leader boards for those of you who like to compete against your fellow gamer. You must first play the campaign mode in order to unlock the endless mode. In the campaign mode you have 8 missions, each one is unlocked once you complete the previous one. Within each conflict there are 4 stages with 4 waves in each stage. Your game play is saved after each stage within a mission. However you must complete all 4 waves before exiting otherwise you will have to start the stage over again.

Timed Side Missions

If that’s not enough, there are side missions within each wave. These come fast and furious and at times were quite a distraction when trying to complete the waves. I should mention that they are timed with only about 10-20 seconds to complete each.

During each wave, the more enemies you eliminate and the more side missions you get, the faster you will have the ability to call in different support options. There are support crates that give you weapons or health and there is ground support as well as air support. One problem I found was that you weren’t given enough missiles. Many of the ships take 3 to 5 missiles to eliminate, however you are only given 3 to start. Many of the side missions will cause you to use up these missiles and it could take a while before you get a drop of additional missiles.

Visually Lacking

Although the promo pictures on the games website look amazing, those aren’t the graphics you see in the game. The settings are quite basic compared to the promo pictures. I was disappointed to not be thrust into a more realistic setting. In most cases you don’t get close enough to the enemy to see much detail. At times, visually, it feels like you are playing with toy soldiers in a cartoon world. Your turret doesn’t look to be too far away from the action but the action is so small that you feel miles away.

The other part of the game that I found lacking, was the aiming mechanism. I would recommend adjusting the sensitivity. The default setting makes the gun jump all over the screen and hinders the players ability to properly aim at the enemy. But don’t adjust it too far the other way or you won’t be able to move fast enough to eliminate everyone. You are given hints as to which enemies around you are targeting you. Unfortunately this is a bit delayed. There were a number of times that I had green in a particular direction, meaning fairly safe enemies, when all of a sudden I was shelled from that direction.


For a game that looked to have so much promise, it landed flat. I wouldn’t say that this game would “sharpen your fps skills” as much of the shooting is pure luck and a lot of machine gun rounds. I know the purpose of the game is to focus on the turret but it would be interesting to incorporate the turret into a multiplayer where others could be the soldiers on the ground.

Would I play the game again? Not this gamer, but I did find that the enemies had slight movement changes when I redid a wave or mission. Due to this I could see someone replaying it, if they enjoy the game.


Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and PS VR. The idea of it on VR is intriguing and I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried it in VR.

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  • 4/10
    Overall - 4/10


Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, is a non-stop action, 360° arcade-style first-person shooter.  Overall for a game that looked to have so much promise, it landed flat. I wouldn’t say that this game would “sharpen your fps skills” as much of the shooting is pure luck and a lot of machine gun rounds.

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