May 22, 2022

Hearthstone’s Darkmoon Faire Expansion Announced

Revealed today on twitch, Blizzard‘s next Hearthstone expansion; Darkmoon Faire, has been announced. Alongside this, Blizzard have announced a host of changes coming to Hearthstone during the Year of the Phoenix.


First up the expansion, Darkmoon Faire will be based around the iconic faire in World of Warcraft. And so the cards involved will revolve around this theme park…theme…However, the Old Gods have also made an appearance, and are corrupting and reeking havoc on the faire-goers. You’ll see the return of:

Yogg-Saron – Random outcome from the a wheel of options
C’Thun – If you draw four ‘parts’ of C’Thun deal 30 damage randomly
N’Zoth – Resurrect a minion from each type that has died
Y’shaarj – put all Corrupted cards you’ve played into your hand, they cost 0

You’ll also notice that new mechanic sneeking in there; Corrupted. After you play a corrupted card, if you play another card that costs more the first card will do something. You’ll also get a free legendary card – Silas Darkmoon, who will rotate minions areound the battlefield. Finally, there will be a mini-expansion of 31 cards halfway through the expansion.

Slideshow: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Announcement Cards

Progression Changes

Hearthstone has operated on a 3 quests to get gold system since it launched back in 2014. But that all changes now. Blizzard have changed it into what is essentially a battlepass, where each quest (weekly or daily) you do gives experience. You’ll get gold from this new system periodically and larger items like random legendaries. No word on if you can but experience however. And finally, achievements and a profile page to show them off are becoming a thing.

New Game Mode

Today marks the early access of Hearthstone’s newest game mode; Duels. If you played Dungeon run, it is the same concept but against other players. You start with a class, you chose 16 cards and you battle other players until you have 3 losses. And after each match you will add cards to your deck. The most curious aspect of this is the available sets are a mix of standard and wild. You have a casual and a ticket-costing Heroic version similar to Arena. The full version of this will launch November 17th alongside the new expansion.

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All in all, some good changes coming to Hearthstone, and I look forward to trying them out.

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