Hearthstone to get a Classic Mode and Core Set

Hearthstone to get a Classic Mode and Core Set

For those long-suffering Hearthstone fans out there who long for the simpler days, you may well be in luck. Blizzard have announced a host of changes coming to Hearthstone alongside its next expansion – so no confirmed dates as of yet. What we do know however is that it brings some big changes, as are becoming more commonplace with each expansion recently. So, what’s on its way?

Hearthstone Classic format will roll back the power creep and every card will be as it was at the launch of the game. You will be limited to the 240 original cards in their unerfed states. You’ll be able to ladder in the same way as the Standard or Wild formats, and get the associated rewards at season end. So dust off your Leeroy and start learning freeze mage again!

The expansion will also increase the number of deck slots to accomodate this new mode, up to 27 from 18. And we will also see a new ‘core’ set, which will replace the existing basic and classic cards – Although these cards, and other from expansions will make up part of the Core set along with 29 new cards. Anything Basic or classic that is not in the Core set will be packed off into Wild as the Legacy set.

So, there’s a lot to unpack there and some much needed changes that prevented the power creep we’d been seeing in recent years. For the full breakdown, head over to the official Site. But overall, these changes can only improve Hearthstone…or at least we hope so…