Heart Chain Kitty Bounces Onto the Nintendo Switch

Heart Chain Kitty Bounces Onto the Nintendo Switch

The popular PC game Heart Chain Kitty developed by OrigamiHero Games has now been launched onto the Nintendo Switch.

A new adventure begins when a heart-shaped stranger arrives on Kitty Island, bringing very personal news: Kittey’s parents are missing! As Kittey searches for them, he must face what remains of a broken world soon approaching its very end. From Kitty Island to the City of Cyclopia, through a huge comet-struck desert and the deepest pits of Darkside; Kittey’s big journey may lead to some uncomfortable truths.

The game features inventory items that can be used to interact with the world or its inhabitants, along with optional quests and hidden levels. The way forward isn’t always going to be collecting this game’s version of MacGuffins … but it’ll probably help if you collect them! Nothing wrong with that!

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Kittey can jump quite well, but he’ll get additional moves quickly. There’s the Hat Glide, the Power Glove (Good for punching people in the face) and its Screw Ray upgrade, giving you a way to dominate screws and bolts all over the world! Later on, you’ll even ride bottle rockets and do tricks using the Zoom ability.

Don’t forget to buy some strength-enhancing cakes from your nerd bro – and maybe some of Darling’s life hearts. You’ll need ’em!

Now, remember: Even if the walls of reality are crumbling and the line between dream and waking life are blurred, everything will be just fine! Make sure to keep collecting those strange Power Hearts that litter the world, though.

Heart Chain Kitty is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch

Source: OrigamiHero

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