HBO has a Bloodborne Series in Early Developement

HBO has a Bloodborne Series in Early Developement

After years of frankly awful movie cross-overs, now it seems the silver screen now can’t get enough. And from the calibur of the latest small screen arivals the quality hits the mark. The Witcher wooed gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s casting Henry Cavell as the triple A lead was a masterstroke (for the PC master race). Castelveinia too proved that Anime for adults is still a viable proposition. We wait too in quiet anticipation for Sony and HBO’s The Last of Us series. But with everyone’s favourite Mandalorian leading the charge chances of success are high indeed

It is this last partnership that is of most interest today. Sony and HBO seem more than willing to bring more and more gaming franchises to our screens. Accordingly to ThatHashTagShow, the next project under the hood is, of all games, From Software’s masterful Bloodborne.


If those hideous, cute little messengers don’t make an appearence colour us disapointed

Bloodborne is an interesting choice for a TV show, though, not only because this was a 2015 Playstation 4 exclusive. Then again, the Last of Us was an exclusive, as was Uncharted. What these games have in common, of course, is that they were unmitigated successes for Sony. Undoubtedly, each one equally responsible for shifting a truck-load of consoles.

That said, genius aside Bloodborne is an interesting choice. Ostensibly a Gothic horror, ultimately revealing itself as a Lovecraftian love letter, the game explores topics that are a far reach from a PG-13 rating. The game is dripping in visceral gore. It’s a horrific gauntlet of the macabre, as our hero battels ever more outrageous foes. His ultimate reward, death, and perhaps rebirth depending on how many umbilical cords eaten along the way. It is a unique experience, and a perfect game. But how that translates to an evening sit down in front of the box is an intriguing prospect.

Imagine staring at that during your fish and chip supper

According to ThatHashTagShow, an early copy of the script exists. As does a tonne of concept art which they claim to have seen. Apparently the story will be similar in structure to something like Dread or The Raid. The protagonist is given a seemingly simple task at first, but to accomplish their goal sees them battle increasingly difficult foes. Each episode sees the lead fight toward a climax, which will represent one of the main bosses in the game. It seems the series will focuses heavily on a visceral portrayal of the story, with each fight a sumptuous smorgasbord board for the eyes. The squeamish beware, this show will pull no punches.

According to the source, Sony is currently dissatisfied with a number of elements of the script, which is undergoing a re-write. But many elements, such as the episodic, climatic boss fights themselves remain. No other information is as yet available, but we expect speculation to start on the casting quicker than you can say “Fear the Old Blood”.

Source; TheHasTagShow