May 23, 2022

Have Fans Sussed Out the Location of Grand Theft Auto 6?

There’s been no (actual) news from Rockstar about the rumoured Grand Theft Auto 6. However, have these Imgur users uncovered some extremely subtle clues in a recent DLC?

Rockstar Games hasn’t released any news on Grand Theft Auto 6. However, that doesn’t mean the internet is contempt to let sleeping dogs lie.

A map of a recently released DLC race track has sent the rumour mill ablaze. Take this news with a fair bit of salt though.

Fans have examined the Height of Society race map extensively. Released as part of the Open Wheel DLC pack. And there are three key sections of the track that fans seem to match up with different areas of North America.

One Imgur user posted, saying:

“Rockstar appears to tease what looks like a map that includes Florida and Mexico in the latest GTA 5 racing DLC’s circuit packs. Strengthening the rumours that GTA VI will be set in Vice City (Miami, Florida) and Southern American city/countries. GTA VI(CE) City seems like the title”.

As you can see by the images above, there are three segments of the track highlighted. These are (supposedly) shaped to look like the State of Florida, areas around Mexico, and the Great Lake States.

I mean, I guess the green area kind of looks like Florida. And the red area almost looks like it could be Michigan. But these are definitely a stretch. We’ll have to wait and see if this holds any weight when Rockstar eventually announces GTA VI. Whenever that will be.

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