June 27, 2022

Hands On With Titanic VR: EGX 2018

Titanic VR was not only the first game I got to play at this years EGX but it was actually the first virtual reality game I have ever experienced and I must say I am glad I popped my cherry with this gem. This VR game was not only stunning and haunting it was beautifully executed.

So I got to play two demos of Titanic VR. Firstly I got to experience being a survivor on one of the under-populated lifeboats as the colossal Titanic slowly sank. Sitting there hearing the other occupants argue with the sailors captaining the lifeboat and watching parents comfort their friends and family as the impressively reconstructed vessel reared up and lost power was truly haunting. Watching each level of the Titanic lose power as it takes on water as it rises up from the black placid water was amazing. The ocean really did look endless and all consuming. it gave me the closest experience to being a survivor of the tragedy that I could imagine.

The second demo I played I got to control a remote controlled submarine and explore the rusted wreck of the once stunning Titanic. Navigating the massive vessel and seeing its deceased occupants luggage and possessions littering the many hallways and rooms. You really do get a sense of loss and scale as you peruse the once grand, unsinkable Titanic.

We also got to catch up with some of the dev team and ask them some questions about the project:

Can you tell us about your team?

We started off with 6/7, now we have around 35. Its set up with artists, developers ect.. the usual studio staff setup.

What was the most challenging aspect while developing your game?

The games visuals were the most difficult. Attempting to make it look realistic as possible but with a little bit of an artistic tweak included.

How long have you been working on Titanic VR?

2 years

What inspired the art direction for your current project?

We studied existing wreck footage and attempted to make it feel real as real as possible in VR.

Why Titanic?

The studio loves covering historical things. It just felt right when it was mentioned in one of our early meetings.

What have you done since coming out of early access?

We have added the full bow expansion, cinematics have been added, a tour mode and the stern is now accessible.

Do you have any more VR games in the works that you would like to let our readers know about?

We have a game based around the 1914 Berlin Blitz, we are working on currently with the BBC.

What made you want to turn the titianic into a educational vr experience?

We wanted to tell the story of the titanic in a new format, not just a video, not just a game, but something that you could experience and learn from. For this we follow 1 family’s story from when the alarm sounds till the evacuation. Then in the present as we are exploring the wreck.

Titanic VR is proof that video games can be used as educational tools and it will be interesting to see what the team can pull off next.

For more hands on’s with games from this years EGX stay tuned to ABG.

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