June 27, 2022

Hands On With The Endless Mission: EGX 2018

So among the many games we played at this years EGX we got to play The Endless Mission. The demo we got to play consisted of three games. A kart racer, a Spyro style platformer and a Minecraft styled RPG.  Now three games in one is good value and all three were extremely polished and fun to play but then here is where this game is different. In The Endless Mission you can alter and change everything!

I was playing the extremely nostalgic platformer game and enjoying the game but then I hit the options and changed my character for the kart from the kart racer. So now speeding round the world hitting ramps and cruising I realised I am not going to be able to traverse this level so I lowered the level of the worlds gravity and then I could. You can seriously make any of these games your own and it was kid of mind blowing.

So anyway we had the chance to ask the one of the developers a few questions.

Can you tell us about your team?
Our team is called E-Line media. We created the hit game never alone and now this. We have a team of  about 13/14 talented people working on the project.

What game accessibility options do you have in your game?
We have the option of different languages and subtitles.

What was the most challenging aspect while developing your game?
Just getting the vast amount of modifications to work in our game was a huge challenge. The game can get incredibly large once you start modding it.

How long have you been working on The Endless Mission?
About two years.

What inspired the art direction for your current project?
It depends on the genre your playing. Each one has a slightly different style. Because of that it has a very diverse art set. You will definitely see our influences come through in each game.

It’s a game within a game within a game, we love the idea that every type of game/genre can be/will be able to be played. This, as you’ve stated includes altering in game code. Taking all that into account, just how difficult was it to implement?
Massively, its so different from any other game out there. The biggest issues came from making all the different parts work together without any major issues.

Where did the idea come from?
It’s more about the social impact rather than a game if that makes sense. We wanted something that could be more than just a game. This concept kind of allows people to get a feel for and understand game development.

With the sheer size and possible complexity’s of altering in-game code-work. Will it be possible to port this to console in the future? Or would the games base model require a re-work?
Hmm, possibly not. There may be somethings we need to alter to get it to run on console. In theory it would be possible to but it would need a lot of work. Its something we would like to try given the chance.

The Endless Mission is currently in beta stage and they are hoping for release late 2019, early 2020.

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