July 3, 2022

Hands On With Eldest Souls: EGX 2018

So the ABG editors got to play a lot of games at this years EGX and Eldest Souls by Fallen Flag Studios was definitely one of the best.

Eldest Souls is a top down, pixel art RPG game with a focus on tight fighting mechanics and lore. So I got to play a section of the game where I took on The Guardian. A huge bad-ass knight who kicked my ass a few times.

I was really impressed by the art-style of the game and the combat was rewarding and top notch. Having to time dodges in time with an enemies attack carefully so you put yourself in position for a counter attack was challenging and exhilarating.

“In Eldest Souls, the player will explore the vast, forgotten Citadel, in search of the Old Gods. The temple-prison will contain a great deal of NPC’s , quests and mysteries. Encounters with the Old Gods will be…deadly. With a fast-paced, exciting action combat, every instant counts. But fortune favors the bold, and defeating the Old Gods will grant the player powers beyond mortal comprehension.”

This game definitely gives you the Dark Souls and Shadow Of The Colossus vibe. I really look forward to playing more of this game in the future and it was definitely one of the best game’s at this years Rezzed section at EGX 2018.

For more hands on’s with games from this years EGX stay tuned to ABG.

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