July 3, 2022

Hand’s on with Battalion 1944: EGX 2017

attalion 1944 – the first world war first-person shooter from developers Bulkhead Interactive, was at EGX 2017, and we got a little hands-on with it. Sitting down in the booth, we had a minute or two to quickly figure out the controls – yes I could have looked at the controls layout, but hey, that’s just not as fun as lumbering around trying to figure everything out now is it? Once I’d figured everything out it was straight into the action with a standard team deathmatch type game – kill or be killed!.

From the off the game felt very complete, with a fluidity and ‘feel’ that I have been missing from other larger titles in this genre. With each weapon having a distinctive ‘punch’ to it, and a movement system that felt composed, It was fun and fast-paced and, more importantly, felt like an old-school shooter. Not once did I feel like I had been killed due to someone else’s luck – every knows what COD rage feels like. If I died, it was generally due to my own incompetence. I was either shooting wildly into the space around them or getting lost and running into a dead end – followed shortly by blind panic as multiple enemies followed me in to finish me off. On the flip side when I actually got a kill it was satisfyingly justified.

Now I’m not the best at FPS games, I usually loiter around the lower end of the scoreboard. But not this time, although my team lost I was proudly sat aloft of everyone, at the top of the scoreboard. This is, in part, due to just how easy Battalion was to pick up and play. Once our little play was over we stepped aside to ask a few questions about Battalion 1944.

Whats the anticipated release for Battalion?

Battalion was first announced back in February 2016 via a Kickstarter campaign and its well on its way to being ready to go. With an anticipated early access release set for early next year, you don’t have long to wait to get your hands on it. The game is complete, and apart from a few small bugs and glitches that have shown up during EGX, its ready to go.

What about future expansions etc?

We will be looking at regular content updates for the game and as far as DLC we would prefer free content.

What about Loot crates? Are you going down the whole insane colours like Cod?

No, we won’t be having any daft Loot crates, it will be more in line with the game and era. So original weapon skins etc.. In WW2 soldiers would scratch or engrave things into their guns, so that’s the type of thing we would be looking at.

At the moment it looks like it’s going to be a really fun multiplayer experience, what about a single player campaign? Will it have anything like that?

Sadly no, we are a small studio and the costs associated with creating a single player campaign are a little out of our reach. We don’t have the money or manpower to make something that would captivate the audience. Look at Call of Duty or Battlefield, for example, they have the size and money to make cinematic masterpieces that we just can’t-do. In the end, we decided to focus on the Multiplayer side of gaming. It’s what we know we can and we know we can do it well, so that’s where our focus lies. We want to make an old-school First Person Shooter that people want to play.

Multiplayer mode looks to be 5V5, why only 5 players?

We felt that 5v5 was the perfect amount of players for this type of game, not just for how the game will play but also how it will run.

Are there ways to have more than 5?

If someone hosts their own game they will be able to increase or decrease the player cap, although the more players in-game will change the basic dynamics of how we’ve designed the game to play. But it’s up to them at the end of the day. Standard online modes will be 5v5 max

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