Halo: Combat Evolved to be Updated to Feature Xbox’s Visuals

Halo: Combat Evolved to be Updated to Feature Xbox’s Visuals

343 will be updating Halo: Combat Evolved [Halo: CE] within The Master Chief Collection [MCC].

The update will help bring it more in line with OG Xbox’s visuals.

The most recent Insider Flight update for MCC included an email that detailed the collection’s improvements.

Included in the updates are;

“…series of bug fixes to improve classic visuals in [Halo 1] to better mirror the original Xbox version”.

It is worth noting that Gearbox worked on the Halo: CE PC port. However, Gearbox’s version was noticeably different to the Bungie original. Chief [no pun intended] amongst these differences were glaringly obvious bugs and (a surprisingly) lacklustre visual presentation.

To compound the issue, the edition of Halo 1 featured in the MCC is Halo: CE – the Gearbox edition (or, is, at least, based on Gearbox’s version). In other words, Halo fans have been denied the true Halo 1 experience for nigh-on two decades!

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Again though, 343’s upcoming updates will bring MCC‘s Halo 1 to be more akin to its Xbox counterpart. Some improvements include;

  • Captain Keyes’ model to better match the one seen in the original Xbox Halo game
  • Covenant shield doors and Spirit anti-gravity fields improvement textures
  • Jackal shields will turn red when damaged
  • Fog effects re-implemented
  • Multiplayer teleporter will be update

There’s no concrete time or date for when the changes will be implemented. Halo fans should keep an eye out.

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