May 27, 2022

Halo 3 Finally Gets Release Date for PC

Halo 3 finally gets a release date for PC. Load up Spartans, it’s going to get intense!

PC gamers rejoice and load up on Plasma Grenades!

Announced via Twitter, Halo 3 arrives as the next instalment of The Master Chief Collection for PC.

Halo 3 puts us back in the fight against the Covenant. The Covenant, once again, want to rid the galaxy of humanity. However, players will also have to spend their time fighting against the virus-infected monster, The Flood.

It’s a strong end to a well-known franchise, (before Halo 4 reignited the fight). Plus, the game boasts a strong Multiplayer to boot, which vastly improves on its predecessor.

It was at this point that Chief knew he should’ve reloaded earlier.

News of Halo 3‘s release comes just days after Microsoft announced plans for its Xbox Series X Showcase. The Showcase will include Master Chief’s next console outing, Halo Infinite, due to release later this year

The chance to finish the fight on PC arrives on 14th July. Better practice those Warthog driving skills.

The Master Chief Collection is out now for PC, priced at £29.99. It includes all of Master Chief’s adventures with Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 being added soon.

Price is correct at time of publishing

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