June 25, 2022

Half-Life: Back From the Dead

To be clear: this is not an announcement for Half-Life: 3. Rather, Valve has created the Twitter Account @valvesoftware, and posted the following.

Tweet can be found here

So to reiterate, Valve will reveal Half-Life: Alyx for VR on Thursday 10Pm Pacific time. With little to no other information to go off of, speculation is all we currently have.

The project will likely include Alyx Vance as the protagonist, if the name is anything to go off of. With VR being still in it’s infant stages, this could be an innovative reinvention of Half-Life, or an extravagant display of how not to give fans a product that, frankly, no one really asked for.

Regardless, if you’re bursting with excitement or frustrated and skeptical (that Valve can’t count to 3), we’ll certainly know more on Thursday. Please don’t play with our hearts, Gabe. Be Gentle with us.

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