Hades update adds Cross Save support

Hades update adds Cross Save support

Praise Zeus – rather excellent rogue-lite Hades has now added Cross-Save support. This means that if you own a copy of the game on either Steam or Epic Games AND on the Nintendo Switch, you can transfer saves. This update has been promised by developer SuperGiant Games since the V1.0 launch back in September, and we are excited about it.

Hell to pay

For those not in the know, Hades is a dungeon rogue-lite that sees you play as Zagreus, son of the Lord of the Underworld Hades. Zagreus is trapped in the underworld but wants to fight his way through each level of his father’s domain to reach his relatives on Olympus. Helping him along the way are all your favourite Greek deities.

You make runs through the dungeon, with each death returning you to the start, a little wiser and eager for the next attempt. The game has garnered excellent reviews and will be on many a GOTY list. We here at Any Button Gaming are particular fans and would recommend it to anyone that likes a well written and incredibly fun game.

We love a bit of added Cross-Save

The nature of the game lends itself quite well to portable playing and the Switch has been a popular choice. We’ve been playing on PC predominantly but would love to play this over the Christmas period on the Switch. Probably as we hide in a cupboard to avoid yet another Zoom call. Cross-saves are rarely implemented across different platforms and that’s a shame; Saber interactive did something similar with their port of CDPR’s The Witcher 3 on Switch. A great move that means you can play in high-res on PC then take the game on the go. If we were allowed out, that is.

The steps for using Cross-Save seem simple enough and interestingly coincide with the recent release with Nintendo’s own patch. This now allows easier uploads and downloads of cloud saves to multiple Switch devices. All praise portable gaming! Do you have Hades on Switch and/or PC? Are you happy Hades has added Cross-Save Support? Pet Cerberus in the comments below!

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