Hades Receives Welcome to Hell Update Pack

Hades Receives Welcome to Hell Update Pack

Delve into the Welcome to Hell Update, out now for our rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades! It’s a free, automatic download if you own the game on the Epic Games Store. This update features a bunch of big game-wide improvements:

  • Experience new ways to play with God Mode. For those looking to focus more on the story, & for seasoned veterans unafraid of death!
  • Get closer to the game’s big colourful cast of characters with the expanded Gift System. And whilst you’re at it, earn their Legendary Keepsakes with spectacular new effects!
  • Find the infamous Fated List of Minor Prophecies, and fulfil a wide-ranging list of inevitabilities for fabulous rewards!
  • Authorise scores of new Underworld Renovations, altering the ever-shifting chambers of the Underworld more to your advantage!

Plus new story events, boss fight variations, tons of visual improvements, & many more surprises! The full patch notes are available on Supergiant’s official website. And Supergiant also has invitations for their official Discord channel.

Supergiant had two broad goals for the Welcome to Hell Update, the last big content milestone of 2019. Let’s dig into what these meant for the team!

Focus on the Early Game

Most of this year, Supergiant pushed to get to a complete end-to-end game structure for Hades. Their player community keeps coming back to the game with each Major Update. As such, they’ve received lots of feedback about late-game content.

With the new Welcome to Hell Update, they wanted to revisit the opening hours of the game. This is to make sure all the new systems and concepts added over the past year get an effective introduction. So, new players can jump in, have a great experience and start giving the studio plenty of feedback.

Further, Supergiant has been thinking a lot about adding new ways to play. These are here now in God Mode and Hell Mode. Supergiant thinks these alternate modes will help make Hades accessible and exciting for a broader range of players.

Even More Late-Game Content

Supergiant has been amazed at how deeply the early adopters have been playing Hades. They’re excited to be making a game with so much long-term replay value. To that end, they wanted to build out even more late-game content as part of updating their Gifting System. This has been in the game from the start but in an incomplete form.

It’s now possible to deepen your relationships with a number of characters from the supporting cast. This helps pave the way for new story events, as well as new Legendary Keepsakes. These feature dramatic, new effects that the team don’t want to spoil here!

Supergiant has also gone all-out on boss fight variants via the Pact of Punishment. With a new take on the final battle of Elysium, Supergiant can’t wait for you to see it!

Did you know the Early Access development roadmap for Hades is available right in the game client? In this case, the team wanted to share some of the highlights right here. After all, they have just completed their first full year of Early Access development. So it feels like a good time to look back as well as look ahead!

2019 Development Progress Report

Supergiant’s goal for this year was to have the full game structure in place. (This is excluding aspects such as the end of the story). They got there, thanks to you! Here’s the breakdown:

  • 4 Main Biomes
  • 7 Boss Fights, plus 3 unique variants
  • 8 Olympians, each with their unique Boons
  • 5 Main Weapons
  • 8 Collectable Resources
  • 25 Different Foes
  • 28 Story Characters
  • 40 ‘Daedalus’ Weapon Mods
  • 110+ God Boons
  • 26 Unique Keepsakes
  • 23 Music Tracks
  • 10,000+ Voice Lines
  • Mirror of Night Progression System
  • Pact of Punishment Scaling Endgame
  • Weapon Aspects Upgrade System
  • House Contractor Cosmetics & Modifiers
  • Wretched Broker Resource Exchange
  • Fated List Quest System
  • God Mode & Hell Mode
  • Plus, many other features and surprises that are not listed here!

At this point, Supergiant can safely say this is already the biggest, most replayable, most feature-rich game they’ve ever made. They’re seeing some players stick with it, not just for dozens but hundreds of hours. And players are still finding new character builds, story moments, and more. Supergiant wants to thank their early adopters for inspiring them!

Coming Soon

The first Major Update of 2020 is right around the corner and will usher in a new Olympian. This will help deepen both the gameplay and the story. Supergiant is also in the thick of iterating game systems and content and building out the rest of the story. Your feedback directly affects which parts of the game they’ll be focusing on.

Looking Ahead

The team expect to be in Early Access until sometime in 2020 (exact date TBD). With much of the game structure now intact, Supergiant has some meaty Major Updates still to come. Chief amongst which, they’ll be adding the new Olympian, and later, a brand-new weapon. They also have to create the ending of the game (something they always allow plenty of time to). The studio will continue iterating on and polishing just about everything.

High Priority Tasks

These are major initiatives they have in progress, which require longer than a single update cycle to accomplish:

  • 2020 Planning: Supergiant has a big year ahead! Any feedback received in the coming weeks and months will have a big impact on plans. Feedback will directly help leading up to v1.0 launch, and beyond.
  • Content Iteration: Having built much of the core game structure, Supergiant continues to add key content. They also evaluate the game holistically to make quality improvements across the board.
  • Localisation: The studio is actively working on translating this game into a variety of languages. They collaborate with their community to make sure translations are high-quality.
  • On Their Radar: These are other important tasks in service of their goals. Supergiant is currently thinking about the following as they plan for next year:
    • New Weapon: a new main weapon is slated for early next year. Supergiant has to design it and create all the surrounding content.
    • Game Ending: the studio will soon begin executing plans for how they’re going to deliver the end of the story.

Speaking of v1.0…

Want to know when this game is finally coming out?  So does Supergiant! They have to shore up those plans early this coming year.

Supergiant has many other tasks they’re working on each day. These tasks include the initiatives listed here, or to improve the game in other ways. And, they’re always considering your suggestions and ideas from their backlog as part of each update cycle. They love working on this game and are committed to making it the best they possibly can for next year.

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Again, to find out more about the development of Hades, check out Supergiant’s website. Alternatively, to be added to their Discord channel, check out this invite. The game is currently available on the Epic Store for £18.99

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