GYLD: A New Agency Hellbent On Getting Better Publishing Deals For Developers

GYLD: A New Agency Hellbent On Getting Better Publishing Deals For Developers

Developers seeking improved publishing deals are now flocking to GYLD, a new agency providing devs with advocacy and safe passage through the notoriously complex negotiations of publishing contracts. With a “devs first” ethos, founders and industry veterans Lex Suurland and Fabian Malabello have committed to providing a million-dollar service at no cost to developers until a deal is signed.

Pioneering a different kind of agency

GYLD’s approach is unique to the landscape of agencies and consultants, which explains their remarkable success securing more than $5.5m USD of funding for their clients within the first six months of operation. Confident in their methods and match-making capabilities, the founders guarantee all consultation and pitching for free if they aren’t able to secure a deal.

We see ourselves more as rangers than scouts. We exist to create a path for devs towards signed deals, allowing them to focus on what they are passionate about: making the game. Instead of only using pre-existing materials, our team guides devs through the process of creating a meticulous plan. We then match them with publishers that share their requirements and values, ensuring long-lasting relationships for all parties.

Lex Suurland – GYLD Founder

Suurland and Malabello’s combined experience across over 150 game titles has revealed to them where developers need support to land the right publishing partner. With this knowledge, GYLD has built a system that shepherds devs through creating high quality documents, from production and budget schedules to pitch decks, which puts them in the best position to receive much better offers. Testament to the company’s practises, GYLD has been exceedingly fast at securing incredible deals for their clients, with offers coming in less than 24 hours after first contact with publishers.

GYLD is a fantastic team to work with. Their advice on everything from focusing on the copy of a deck to dissecting the details of a contract to signing it was invaluable.’

Joseph Williams , CEO of Whalenought Studios.

Silver-Platter Delivery to Publishers and Investors

While GYLD represents devs, publishers are also reaping the benefits of receiving vetted and commercially exciting propositions. GYLD’s meticulous approach means that every pitch that lands on a publisher’s desk has already been appraised and finely tuned by experienced agents, business analysts, producers, and financial experts alike. GYLD provides a significant amount of quality assurance and due diligence, delivering publishers highly curated games that lead to quick and easy negotiations.

As a publisher, we found working with Gyld was very easy. The team has great understanding of publisher needs and at the same time knows how to facilitate conversations with developers which is a massive help when it comes to nailing down details of the cooperation

Raffaele Galante and Rami Galante, co-CEO of Digital Bros (505 Games).

Gyld are consummate professionals with as good an eye for talent as I’ve ever seen. We consider them trusted partners.

Fernando Rizo, CEO of Modern Wolf.

GYLD was founded in July 2020, and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With an experienced team of agents, financial advisors, lawyers, business analysts, video game producers and UX designers, GYLD provides a first-class agency service that benefits both its game developers and publishers. They also provide assistance with acquisition and other IP negotiations, and have found high demand from many corners of the industry outside of developers and publishers, including tech companies, industry advocacy groups and more. 

GYLD will be available to meet with developers and publishers at the upcoming Gamescom 2021. 

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