May 25, 2022

Guerrilla Games Talks About Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn was, as we all know revealed during Sony’s live stream, last week. The game is called Horizon Forbidden West and will be out on PS5 in 2021.

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A Whole New World

There is a new video out where game director Mathijs de Jonge goes into further detail about the game. Mathijs says the new map is “a bit bigger than previously.” The title refers to the new frontier which Aloy has to brave. The map stretches from Utah, in the U.S to the pacific coast. Mathijs talks about the new level of detail possible with the PS5. The new SSD-drive also promises close to no loading times, from booting up the game to, restarting checkpoint to using the fast-travel function to traverse the map.

Horizon Forbidden West also lets Aloy dive beneath the waves, something that was not possible in the prequel. There seems to be an even bigger focus on exploration and world building in Horizon Forbidden West than ever before.

New Machines

It’s not just the environments that are new in Horizon Forbidden West. There are over a dozen new, deadly machines for you to practice your archery skills on. Shell-Snappers are giant turtle-looking machines that guard swamps and shorelines while the new, flying Sunwings patrol the skies. There is also a mammoth-looking machine lovingly named Tremor Tusk.

Tribes, Mate

Aloy will also come in contact with new and different tribes of humans. Some will be peaceful and others will be hostile, de Jonge says. One of these tribes has figured out the ability to override the machines, a power only Aloy had, in the first game. This opposing tribe then uses the machines as beasts-of-war, in combat.

Built On Mystery

The main focus of the story seems to be the red blight which…blights, (har har), the land. The weather has spiraled out of control, creating supercell storms laying waste to the world. Mathijs says that since the game is built on mystery they are reluctant to divulge any more details right now. He leaves us with a promise that Aloy will have to go to great lengths to save the world.

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