May 17, 2022

GTA Trilogy Pulled from PC After Just 1 Day

The freshly remastered GTA Trilogy is so riddled with glitches that developer Rockstar pulled the title from sale on PC after only 24 hours


Ah shit, here we go again… Just as Xbox players learn that their favourite Grand Theft Auto entrant lands free on Games Pass, all spruced up and shiny in glorious remaster, so just one day after release the trilogy is pulled from PC stores. This is, it seems due to numerous glitches. Glitches so bad as to render GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas near unplayable. There go my weekend plans.

The news spread thick and fast on various social media platforms. Many parts of each of the three games have become unbearable. Some of these glitches are so bad that players can barely see three feet in front of them. One of the worst offenders was the rebooted rain effect in San Andreas. Here the “New and Improved” rain makes it near impossible to travers the “gloriously re-imagined” city-scape.

Social media is awash with footage of just how badly Rockstar have man-hsandled these beloved titles

Apparently, these unwelcome showers have also appear in covered areas of the game too. But it doesn’t stop there. There are numerous other glitches being reported by those unlucky enough to have bought the game. The majority of the glitches in the new GTA remaster are graphical or frame rate related. The frame rate drops in particular seem most prevelant on the Nintendo Switch port, perhaps unsurprisingly.

However, unlike the PC versions, its seems Rockstar deems these console related glitches palatable. God knows exactly how broken the PC version was, then. Rockstar have yet to make any comment regarding the state of the games. Nor have they made any attempt to address the persisting glitches on the consoles where it is still available.

It’s a staggering miss from a studio that really should know better. These three games are for many the foundations on which a life long love of gaming was built. They are cherished heirlooms of the beginnings of what has become the most lucrative franchise in the history of games. They really are not games you want to fuck with. The world was watching this time, and perhaps Rockstar will be a little less likely to drop the ball, next time around. Then again, there’s always GTA 5 to fall back on.

Source; MP1st

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