May 17, 2022

GTA Online Players Hit By Glitch That Wipes Out Their ENTIRE Collection of In-Game Goods and Wares.

So, Rockstar’s GTA Online has been hit with a glitch that WIPED OUT PLAYER’S ENTIRE INVENTORY OF STOCK. We’re talking properties, vehicles, clothing, and weapons. Luckily, a hotfix has already been issued out.

To celebrate (and incentivise) players staying in during April, Rockstar has been gifting GTA Online players a free $500,000.

It’s a nice generosity, of course. (Even nicer as I personally have received no less than $2 million in as many weeks. But don’t let Rockstar know.)

However, whether it was an underlying glitch in that coding or an unfortunate coincidence, several players have reported having their in-game items wiped from the game. It should be noted that this mainly affected PC players, however there were small numbers of console players reporting the glitch.

For unknown reasons, after receiving the complimentary money, players would find their collection of vehicles, clothes, weapons, and properties gone. And, if you’ve ever played GTA Online, you’ll know that some (okay, all) of the good stuff in-game can rack up in the millions of dollars.

Highway Robbery

One user on Reddit noted how after 226 days, they had lost all $528 million worth of content.

Thankfully, Rockstar was quickly made aware of this issue and (even better) has already fixed the issue. The hotfix came less than three hours after Rockstar had made the Tweet confirming they are working on the glitch.

However, the threat of losing many millions of dollars of in-game stuff has not been a nice one for players. Almost not as nice as opening up a session to try and sell some of your goods, only to have some A-hole on an Oppressor Mk.II blast your delivery. Bloody tryhards!

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