GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Brings Host of Easter Eggs to Game

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Brings Host of Easter Eggs to Game

GTA Online recently saw the release of the “Los Santos Tuners” update.

The main appeal of the update is a host of new cars and a new building for purchase.

The building is used to host car meets with other players and take on new jobs.

However, the new update also brought in a number of Easter Eggs for fans to find.

As detailed by the GTA Series Videos YouTube channel, there has been a number of Easter Eggs added.

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Initial D

Rockstar dug deep through pop culture to get this one. Initial D is a Japanese manga and anime starring tofu delivery driver, Takumi Fujiwara. A couple of Easter Eggs are prevalent in this one.

Firstly, the car in question is the Karin Futo GTX, which is based on the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. The AE86 is the car Fujiwara drives in Initial D.

The Futo GTX has a set livery called “Delivery Boy”. With this livery applied, the “Futo” that is visible on the boot of the GTX becomes “Tofu”. The livery also applies Japanese characters that read, “Stance Andreas” when translated to English.

The default tuner rims for the GTX are also called “Fujiwara”.

Various Fast & Furious References

The Fast & Furious franchise has been referenced a few times in GTA Online already. However, the newest update brings a whole host more for fans. Fans and…family.

To start with, the car meet in Los Santos takes place in an abandoned building that looks similar to the Alameda Square buildings. Fans of the F&F series will recognise it as the same building the street racers meet up in in the first F&F film.

Alongside the building, there’s also a number of cars from the franchise (and other films) that crop up, including;

  • “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Ford Five Window Coupé from American Graffiti
  • Toyota Supra from The Fast & the Furious
  • Ford Focus RS from Ken Block’s Gymkhana

Terminator References

During one of the new missions – “Access Point”, part of the Prison Contract – you’re tasked with stealing a stunt ramp from a film set.

There are a few NPCs who look vaguely similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, and, I guess, Linda Hamilton. Yes, it is a direct reference to The Terminator.

In particular, the Schwarzenegger NPC replicates his real-world counterpoint quite aptly; he’s wearing a leather jacket, has dark sunglasses, and uses a shotgun.

This particular NPC is incredibly tough to kill, taking multiple bullets to put down (as seen in the video above at 3:25 to 3:34). However, much like the Terminator in the movies, this character simply gets back up again as if nothing happened! (3:43 in the video).

However, the reference doesn’t end there. Sometimes whilst attempting the mission, you’ll be sent to the Los Santos storm drains. Here, you’ll find trucks and motorcycles. Yep, it’s The Terminator 2.

“Camhedz”/Manhunt Parody Reference

Long-dead Rockstar action-horror game, Manhunt, had, seemingly, been all but forgotten by the developers. However, there’s clearly someone at Rockstar who remembers a time before it was just GTA V.

A new update to the Arcade has added the “Camhedz” arcade machine. A co-op light gun game, Camhedz is visually stylised after Manhunt. Additionally, the “Camheds” was a gang of secret agents that was planned to appear in Manhunt. The group was dropped before the final release, however.

The in-universe’s cover for Camhedz also directly references Manhunt‘s protagonist James Earl Cash.

Additionally, in your new Autoshop business, if you opt for the “Race and Chase” decor style, you’ll unlock some referential posters. One of the posters features a pig face, a white rabbit face, and others. These are direct references to Piggsy and the White Rabbit (among others) from the Manhunt game.

The egg from Alien

Long-term fans of GTA V will be well-aware of the game’s various homages to the Alien franchise. We won’t detail them all here, but there’s a fair few times the series is referenced. The most recent Easter Egg comes in the form of an egg that the Xenomorphs emerge from.

You’ll be tasked with robbing a train during the ECU Job. This train will be transporting various containers. There’s a chance that one of these containers will contain the aforementioned egg.

So, there we have a few Easter Eggs and not-so-subtle nods to various pop culture entities. It’s a trope that Rockstar has done so well in the past, and it’s great to see the tradition still happening. Which of these was your favourite Easter Egg? And did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments section down below.

All images c/o GTA Series Videos.