GTA Online Getting One of its Biggest Updates Ever

GTA Online Getting One of its Biggest Updates Ever

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a rollercoaster ride for fans and Rockstar alike.

It’s gone from strength to strength, content update to update, and console generation to…two more console generations.

But Rockstar has always maintained a level of support for the game that overshadowed almost everything else it has done.

And now, GTA Online is about to get even bigger!

Rockstar recently announced the “Criminal Enterprises” update, which brings a whole host of content and quality of life improvements.

Launching on 26th July, the Criminal Enterprises overhauls almost every previous big content update to date.

As Rockstar noted itself;

“The Southern San Andreas economy is in crisis. Gas prices have spiked to their highest levels in decades, retail supply chains are in turmoil, and, to top it off, a ferocious heatwave is gripping the state.

Executives, Bikers, Nightclub Owners, and Gunrunners are making the most of the chaotic conditions. Meanwhile, the sudden spike at the pumps has caught the attention of the IAA, who suspect the corrupt Duggan petrochemical family are rigging the system in their favour, and they’re going to need you to help them put the pieces together”

Yes, a little too on the nose, even for Rockstar. But it doesn’t stop there;

The Criminal Enterprises is a sweeping update bringing new missions and upgrades to GTA Online including significant expansions to business prospects for Criminal Careers, plus new, elaborate Contact Missions with players operating as a sworn-in agent for the IAA and much more starting July 26.

The Criminal Enterprises also delivers highly requested experience improvements while giving players more choice in how they climb their way up the criminal ranks. Players will earn increased payouts across a range of gameplay, enjoy experience improvements and more — with new modes, vehicles, collectibles, and special events dropping all summer long, including new showroom floors where players can test drive or simply purchase a range of new vehicles on the spot”.

Rockstar’s QoL implements include bringing back the ability to be in a solo game session. Then, you can sell your accrued gains on your own. No longer will you have to worry about griefers destroying your hard-earned profits;

“And no matter which Criminal Career path you’ve chosen, all Business activities — including Sell Missions — will now be available to play in private (Invite Only, Crew, and Friends) sessions as part of The Criminal Enterprises”.

Annoyingly, Rockstar did away with a number of ways players could spoof the game so players could enter a solo play session a couple of years ago…which is also, strangely, when I decided to not play it as much.

The main new Heist-like mission is an ongoing guerilla attack on the Duggans.

Los Santos’ wealthiest petrochemical magnates return, and this time, the IAA thinks they are behind Los Santos’ exploding oil prices.

But I’m sure Agent ULP will reward us handsomely.

As mentioned above, each of the main major criminal enterprise careers players could build up has seen an overhaul. Let’s delve into what each area of your burgeoning criminal empire you can expect to see improved;

The profits from soaring gas prices all seem to be flowing one way into the pockets of the most notorious oil-rich dynasty in the Los Santos area. The IAA smells a criminal conspiracy — Agent ULP will be in touch with the new Operation Paper Trail, commissioning 1–4 players as sworn-in agents to investigate the local petrochemical magnates, the Duggans, to see if they’re the invisible hand behind spiraling oil prices.

As mentioned above, each of the main major criminal enterprise careers players could build up have seen an overhaul. Let’s delve into what each area of your burgeoning criminal empire you can expect to see improved;


The Executive Office now features a new staff manager, Lupe.

Lupe’s job is to help source Special Cargo for you, which should help bring in the profits.

Furthermore, a new side gig will be available wherein a shipment of Special Cargo will arrive at your Warehouse daily.

In addition to this, Source Missions will see two new Special Cargo sources added.


For the MCs out there, any Clubhouse that has the Custom Bike Shop upgrade will see an additional, free-of-charge upgrade.

This upgrade will allow MC Presidents to modify clients’ bikes to their specifications and deliver them around Los Santos for rewards.

Plus, Rockstar is adding two new Clubhouse Contracts.

A new Bar Resupply mission will do what it says on the tin and help your thirsty patrons drink their sorrows away whilst netting you an additional bit of income at the same time.


Gunrunners will be able to make daily deliveries to a designated Ammu-Nation gun store to increase their cash flow.

There will also be two new Resupply Missions.

And a special, new phone call can be made to Agent 14 whilst on the road that allows you to increase research progress by “sourcing data” from a well-armed mark.

Nightclub Owners

And finally, for the career paths, Nightclub Owners will be able to contact Yohan, a newcomer to the game, for missions to source Goods for your business.

Or you can phone Tony Prince to launch the Club Management missions.

This is alongside two new Club Management missions being added to the game’s roster.

And, for some new immersion, any potential troublemakers in your club can be ejected, and you’ll be responsible for chaperoning VIPs who may have over-indulged and escorting them safely to a location off-site.

It isn’t all fun and games.

Other QoL Measures/New Features

Finally, the Criminal Enterprises update will see a host of new vehicles being added to the game.

These new vehicles will come from the update’s launch window and beyond, meaning new cars all summer long.

Plus, they’ll have extensive modifications available.

But that’s not all, Rockstar is making it easier to heal yourself during firefights, with easier and quicker access to Body Armour and snacks in the thick of battle.

And, in perhaps the single most-requested feature, the infernal boomstick of doom that has made griefer’s presence that much more unbearable will be nerfed!

That’s right, Rockstar is nerfing the effectiveness of the Oppressor Mk II’s homing missiles and countermeasures.

The skies will be a little bit safer from 26th July onwards.

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For more details, do check out the Rockstar newswire post.